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First Exclusive Sale at Fotolia

Posted on: April 12, 2008

Hello pdtnc,
We are pleased to announce you that one of your images has just been sold on Fotolia. Please find detailed information about the sold image attached below :

Reference : 6890976
Name : Lobster Fishing at the dock at Whitby
Date : 2008-04-11 00:37:41
License : L
Price : 8

For further information about sold images please click on “Files > Sold Files” in your member area.
Best regards,

Fotolia Team

Well thats a nice 8 credit sale meaning it sold for Double the amount of a non-exclusive, also meaning that I get 52% of that sale 4.16 credits 🙂
I’ve had a couple of sales from exclusive shots at Dreamstime but its not nearly as impressive when Fotolia lets you double your money 🙂

boats, cage, catch, copyspace, dock, fisherman, fishermen, fishing, fishing, boat, harbour, lobster, lobster pot, net, nets, pot, rope, selective, focus, trap, whitby, wood

3 Responses to "First Exclusive Sale at Fotolia"

Congrats, great pic! I’ve had some luck with exclusives at Dreamstime (especially editorial), but haven’t had much luck at all with Fotalia. Good to see someone is doing well there! 🙂

Sorry, I don’t want to sound mean, but you get about 6 Euro for an _exklusive_ Sale?

@ jrtb – Hopefully its a start to doing well 🙂

@ rkneschke – and you understand the exclusive deal with Fotolia do you? Its a good deal, better than other sites.

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