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Politically Correct Racism

Posted on: November 25, 2006

This news artical was on the BBC news the other night, ‘Changing the face of Formula One’
I mean ‘wow!’ a ‘Black’ F1 driver… shock horror, whatever next…. MOBO awards?! ha ha!

I for one am sick of hearing stories like this, why does this country make a point of hailing a black F1 driver or award ceremony such as the MOBO’s, just because the colour of their skin is something other than white?

The F1 driver for instance, he’s quite obviously a human, all his bodily organs work the same, he lives his life a person of the human race and, lucky for him, he does a job which he enjoys.

So… where exactly does the importance about being black come from?

Good, Bad, Beautiful, Ugly, Rich, Poor, Straight, Gay…. we are all still human.

I am fed up with this, somewhat, self- segregation  that has probably formed due to the ‘Politically Correct’ society we live in. Its rather sad really.

The Urban Dictionary meaning for Politically Correct Racism

I’d like to see the word ‘Racism’ removed from common language, only to be used in extreme circumstances.

Tell me I’m wrong if you like, state your opinion, this is what I think and its my rant 😉

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