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Posted on: September 22, 2006

Woo, well today 22nd September 2006 is apparently “OneWebDay” and seeing as its probably one of the biggest things to effect the lives of western civilisation for some time I thought i might add my thoughts too. There is also an artical at the BBC too.
I’ll write a list of things…

  1. Learning, Computer stuff in general, everything from making tweaks in the Windows registry to finding out where to download music 😀 Not that I’d condone downloading it illegally, but you weren’t thinkng that anyway now were you!?! 😀 I wouldn’t know all the things I do now without the internet.
    Learning graphic design skills from tutorials and forums, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver… its all there for the taking.
    Just lately its been Chilli Peppers, but there are loads of very helpfull and knoledgable people out there, like-minded and willing to help… I’ve probably bored everyone to death by now about Chilli Plants, Chilli Chocolate, Pickled Chillies!!! Bla bla bla!!! 😀 ha ha 😀
  2. Making friends, my first internet friend would be Janet from Australia she was the very first person I chatted to using ICQ, quite a random find but we have now met twice and spent some time together when she drove me down to the 12 Apostles and since then has become a very good friend. Easy to talk to, though i can be a man of few words sometimes, she’s a bit mad and can be hyper-zoom-whizz-hectic-happy-whoosh type of person. “Too Easy”.
    Weird how the internet draws people together into genre’s, music people, aristic people, techie nerds, whatever, its all good.
    Love, life, friendship, fun, sadness, sorrow…
  3. Sharing, I think the internet was made to share, share information (that is what i seem to be doing on this blog!), sharing experiences, sharing music, programs, art, photography.
    I believe the internet should be a sharing helping place, all too often it gets warped by peoples behaviours to others not knowing as much as they…
    Online message boards and forums collect ‘Forum Trolls’ people who seem to always “Flame” the ‘Newbies’ for asking simple questions. Of course its not fair to tar all the message boards with the same brush as they are some of the most usefull and helpfull learning places you can go, you meet nice people who are willing to help.
  4. Shopping, whooaaa!!! Yeah, buying online… what a great thing, ebay, Play, Amazon, Tesco, its good stuff saves you having to waste time walking around town only to find that the CD you wanted has to be ordered and will take two weeks!!! Ha! And why not sell your old stuff on ebay too, and as you’ll see from this very blog, I’m selling stock images, making a little, pays for the new camera which is totally great even if I’ll never be a millionaire 😀
  5. Travel, I did 6 months traveling through China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand, without the internet as a means of communication, banking, and research where would I have been? I’d probably not have got as far and not done half of the things I did do.
    Travel research alone is fantastic, using the internet to learn about the places you’d like to visit and getting an idea of whats out there and how to cope in other countries in different environments, cultures and languages. Its all online, someone has ‘been there and done that’ all before so you get to draw on all that experience.
    Booking flights and Hotels, hostels and trips… its all a peice of cake online! (though I must admit to actually telephoning the hotels I’ve booked nearer the time to confirm my bookings, nothing worse than arriving somewhere only to have nowhere to stay!).

I may add more later when I think of something 🙂
This has been, and will hopefully continue to be ‘My Internet Experience’! You just have to blame the Zero’s and Ones 😉


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