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Tasting my Pickled Chilli’s

Posted on: September 15, 2006

The proof is in the eating…

and well, they are very tasty, I’ve overdone it a bit with the pickling spices but other than that the pickled chilli’s I made are fantastic and far far better than anything you could buy in a shop!
Its a shame you can’t get ‘Lick-O-Vision’ so you too can feel the burn and savour the flavour of these beauties 🙂
No new pictures, unless someone wants my mug with me holding a jar up 😀

*other random blurb!*

Took a load of product shots at work today, so got to test out the Greycard and a bit of Raw shooting, I have to figure out Canon’s ‘Digital Photo Professional’ as i’m used to the Adobe Photoshop Raw plugin but Adobe just havn’t got up to the 400D just yet.

thats it for now 🙂


I just made a Cheese & Home made Pickled Chilli Sandwish… Yummy! What a fantastic combo… 🙂 I wasn’t even that hungry but they are damn tasty!


1 Response to "Tasting my Pickled Chilli’s"

Wow, you’re quite a chilli freak! the photos here are beautiful 🙂

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