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Random Bla Bla Doofer whatsit!

Posted on: September 13, 2006

its been a random sort of week, things you didn’t expect, things you did….
The car is making a bit of a rattle, I should probably go and get it seen to, got my new Canon camera which is nice and I get to use it in anger tomorrow taking a few shots for work. Nothing exciting just product shots so i might play with the Greycard i bought too for stetting my white ballence.
I notice that Adobe havn’t yet caught up with the 400D in their Raw Conversion Plugin, a shame as it would have been nice to keep the full quality of the captured images.
So yeah, been to a park, been given cake, made chocolate, been bowling, watched a couple of DVD’s, piss ‘n fart… stuff ya know!
I’m actually going to add a somewhat random picture to this somewhat random blog post, I think my eyes are weird tonight, or maybe my monitor is doing something strange! Hmm!
This has to be the most drivel I’ve wrote on here… coool!!! πŸ˜€
Note the ‘Grey card‘ :p


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