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The Chilli Chocolate Experiment

Posted on: September 6, 2006

I’ve been reading about this on and it sounded nice, the actual results are even better than expected and its really more-ish.
Here’s the pictures of what I did… using my home grown Cayenne pepper 🙂
Step 1, The Preparation: I ground up some of my Cayenne Peppers and made some pretty fine powder.

Step 2, The Chocolate: I’d probably buy some different dark chocolate next time.

Step 3, Cover a tray in Tinfoil and I really lightly greased this with a bit of butter.

Step 4, Heat a small basin in a pan full of water to melt the chocolate, realising that I seem to be making a bit of a mess of it, and probably should be in charge of a pan all by my self! 😀 At this messy stage when it seemed to have melted as much as it could I added just the tip of a Teaspoon of my Cayenne pepper and mixed it up as good as i could.chillichocolate_step04.jpg

Step 5, yep, its a mess alright!!! I don’t think Bournville chocolate was made for re-melting!
And even the spoons got it! Still, they had to be ‘cleaned’ afterwards *Yum* 😉

Step 6, Spread it on the tray with a knife, it actually spread quite well! I then put it in the fridge to chill down.

A worthy experiment as its blooming tasty stuff 🙂
At this rate I’m going to need a recipe category! (infact i might just!)

Oh yeah, Step 7, Eat 🙂


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