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iStock,CSP,BSP,Dreamstime,SXP,Fotolia,Shutterstock,123RF – Update

Posted on: July 26, 2006

iStockphoto, CanStockPhoto, BigStockPhoto, Dreamstime, StockXpert, Fotolia, Shutterstock, 123RF – A Microstock Update.

This is my little micropayment stock update:
In the screen grab picture below you can see whats going on in my little Royalty Free Stock Image world, the biggest cheese is still iStockphoto, but coming on close behind is Shutterstock.
Stockxpert is still the best average payout per image followed by Fotolia and then Dreamstime, Shutterstock being the lowest payout per image, but it makes up for it in amount of sales.
In order of slowness of sales (slowest first):

I’d say I get a steady trickle of sales from iStock and Shutterstock, though Shutterstock is better when you are consistantly putting up new work, iStock ticks over by its self better (money wise).
Referrals at Shutterstock are starting to show a few $$ here and there, a little from Dreamstime, and a little from Fotolia too, everywhere else is, so far, non-existant! (So click the blooming links and sign up Grrr! Ha ha ha)

I’m just trying out so thats probably why I have no sales yet, I’ll give it time and it will take me a while to get all my stock images online.
I’ve kicked Gimmiestock out altogether, nothing ever sold, the site has a slow review time and a painfull system of uploading images.

If you are looking for ease of upload, go for StockXpert, it has to be the most user / Photographer Friendly of the bunch, being able to set image properties to groups of images at the same time is a total time saver.
Istock might well be one of the worst sites for uploading, but if you use one of the image manager programs they offer it can streamline your workflow there.

Advice is to always keyword and caption your files off-line in Adobe Bridge (or other image management program that supports embeded data).

If you are after Free Royalty Free Shots for your designing pleasure, Fotolia and Dreamstime would be my recommendations as they always have fresh images for you to grab, just click one of my links and sign up 😉


3 Responses to "iStock,CSP,BSP,Dreamstime,SXP,Fotolia,Shutterstock,123RF – Update"

this is not a fair comparison, u need to add the dates of joining… …u joined Shutter stock 6 months after IStock (SS should be top for downloads even if they dont pay out the most)… so yea this is kinda crap haha as we cant really get any idea of time.
we dont need to know money totals …picture sales totals, joining dates, number of images online, price per pic and how often they are downloaded may of been better,, but what would i know eh??

enjoy your money. hahaha

You are very right, but i’m not clever enough with spread sheets to figure that one out.

I think the message is still there, microstock works. 🙂

Ken –

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