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Its taken from 31st October 2005 untill now for me to get to Silver status, and in that time iStock has earned me close to $3000, 23% of my total stock earnings. If I got my act together and uploaded and shot more specific work it would have been quicker. iStock has been the most consistent earner out of the sites I submit to, exclusivity is tempting but not really an option anymore for me as I submit to too many of the other micro sites and it would prevent me selling istock rejects.

Here is a line graph of how my file sales have gone over this period:
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My first iStock Image with 100 Downloads :) Woo :)

CAT Scan,X-ray,Healthcare And Medicine,Human Bone,Skull,Inside Of,Indoors,X-ray Image,MRI Scan,Computer-assisted Tomography Scan,Computerized Tomography Scan,Penetrating,Brain,

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